Glasstech Mexico, Doors&Windows Mexico-Virtual Expo

Show name : Glasstech Mexico Virtual Expo , Doors&Windows Mexico-Virtual Expo
Time Zone: Mexico (GMT-5)
Date: Phase 1, July 27-29, Phase 2, August 24-26, Phase 3, September 21-25,
Open Hours: 9:00-17:00

Virtual Glasstech Mexico,Doors&Windows Mexico, is our first Virtual Expo project with our new platform.
As a new concept platform, We believe there are still a lot for ourselves, exhibitors, visitors to study, we will try our best to do better.
Since the system wasn’t ready as the time we expected, in order to insure our exhibitors’ benefit, we decided to extend this Virtual
It was scheduled July 27-29, 3 days formal even, and 7 days webiste workinng after. Instead of the previous plan, we decided to make
the expo 3 phases instead of only 1.
Phase 1, July 27-29.

Phase 2, August 24-26,

Phase 3, September 21-25,

System disable from October 3rd.
Exhibitors and Visitors are only charged once!
There will be 3 business days of preparation before each phase, and 3 business days information remains after each phase.